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Who is Patrick L. Sibert?

Patrick L. Sibert is an American real estate broker, producer, Homesphere listing Washington

Patrick L.Sibert is a frequent guest on the real estate segments of 20/20, CNN, CNBC, The Today Show, The Insider, Bloomberg TV, and is often quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Wall Street Journal China.

The HomeSphere Team maintains a diverse inventory of exclusive listings and has built relationships with thousands of agents around the world. Combining these tools with an intimate knowledge of the market, Patrick and his team are able to accomplish their goal of matching the right buyer with the right seller with remarkable success—their lifetime list-to-sale ratio is 92.6%.

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Team of Brokers in Pasadena

Jorge Garibaldi Founder, CEO/President & Licensed REALTOR
Jorge Garibaldi is the founder and owner of JG Properties, LLC and has been serving the Metro Atlanta area`s real estate needs for over 30 years. Jorge has been featured on radio shows, TV, and print articles due to his extensive knowlege of the Atlanta real estate market representing buyers and sellers and advising real estate investors around the globe. Jorge is bilingual in English and Spanish and resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
Michael Jolly Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Licensed Broker
Mike Jolly is the managing broker for JG Properties, LLC and also holds certifications in home inspections and property management. With over 20 years experience in the Altanta real estate market, Mike has extensive knowledge in both new home sales and resale homes, inclusive of foreclosures, short sales, investment homes, home repair and restoration. Mike currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.
Franco Garibaldi Co-Founder & Licensed REALTOR
Licensed REALTOR since 2004, Franco Garibaldi is a co-founder with 5 years of experience in new construction with the largest builders in the USA, including Pulte Homes and Luxury John Wieland Homes. Franco also spent 8 years in the U.S. Army defending our country in the chemical, biological, nuclear warfare division. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two kids. Bilingual in English and Spanish.
Piera Garibaldi Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Marketing Specialist
Piera Garibaldi is the co-founder and managing partner of JG Properties, LLC. Her background in real estate and marketing ensures that our clients receive the most cutting edge marketing strategies to get their homes sold or rented quickly and efficiently. Piera is bilingual in English and Spanish and currently resides in Miami, Florida.
Ivan RamirezLicensed REALTOR
Cuban-American Miami native with a passion for residential real estate, investments & “Miami” culture. Ivan has worked in the real estate industry for 5 years helping first-time home buyers, investors, property management, construction and commercial real estate. In his spare time, Ivan enjoys watching Miami sports, fishing in the Florida Keys, BBQ’s and spending quality time with his fiancé, daughter and dog, Benji. Bilingual in English and Spanish.


Sharon L

Mike/JG Atlanta Properties has managed my rental property for many years. Can’t say enough great things about him. I have been through so many property managers over the last 30 + years (many nightmares!) & no one has come close to the experience I have had with Mike. He is 5+++ stars all the way!

Guillermo Neiman

Mike and Jorge are excellent professionals, but without a doubt … their main virtue is being people of maximum trust!!

Oscar W

Son gente decente y cuidan nuestros intereses.

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