JG Properties

Property Management

Maximize your real estate investment with our full range of property management services, including, renting your property, tenant screening, agreements, managing payments, repairs and more. Our top priority is to protect the profitability of your real estate investment by providing the highest standards of service and integrity.

As a family run company, JG Properties provides both landlords and tenants the personalized attention they deserve. Our range of services includes Full-Service Management of both residential and commercial properties or simple Tenant Placement.

Our Services

Tenant Placement

Full Service Property Management:

Fee for residential is 8% per month; commercial is 10% per month. Renewals are 50% of 1-month's rent. Set-up fee is $250, which is waived if we procured the tenant.

Tenant Placement Services

1month Rate
Listing & Marketing

Place For Rent sign on property and list property on a network of rental sites, including Apartments.com, Zillow, Trulia, our website, and more.

Tenant Screening

Perform an extensive check on potential tenants including credit, background, rental history, employment and income verification, and references. Most importantly, we will personally meet and get to know the tenant.


Execute the lease agreement using industry standard contracts plus our own added stipulations to further protect you and your property. Collect the first month’s rent to lock-in the tenant's commitment.

Move-In Inspection

Complete a thorough move-in inspection with the tenant to verify the condition of the property and ensure the tenant is responsible for the same condition at their departure. Collect all security deposits and fees.

Full Service Property Management

Fee for residential is 8% per month; commercial is 10% per month. Renewals are 50% of 1-month's rent. Set-up fee is $250, which is waived if we procured the tenant.
Collecting Rent

Collect the tenant's rent and deposit your rental income on a monthly basis. We guarantee 100% transparency and will always alert you of any potential fees or extra charges before they are charged. We do not hide any fees.

Managing Tenant

Complete management of the tenant, including communication and property issues. You will never receive a call from anyone but us. We will use our years of experience to properly handle and/or diffuse any potential problems.


We document all incoming repair requests from the tenant and make you aware of them promptly. We can manage the repairs for you, using our list of highly qualified and affordable vendors or if you prefer to handle with your own vendors, we will help you coordinate with the tenant.

Contract Completion & Renewal

Ensure the lease terms are being adhered to throughout the lease period. At the end of the lease, we work with the tenant to renew and/or coordinate with the tenant to re-list, show the property, and get the property rented as quickly as possible.

Move-Out Inspection

Upon move-out, we will completely re-inspect the property to verify the condition matches move-in condition.

Repairs & Renovation

We can manage anything from cleaning and painting to large scale property renovation and/or repairs. Over the years, we have developed relationships with top vendors in every professional field that allow us to provide quality work at affordable prices.

Appraisals and Inspections

Connect you to our network of qualified & trusted inspectors/appraisers and attend inspections.

Tenant Placement

Negotiate Best Offer

Present and negotiate offers with the seller's agent based on the price and terms you choose.


Draft and review all documents and contracts.


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